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Duckie Mountain Special Moves

Yogabound - Up, X(x4)
Ring a Ding-Ding - Up, Circle(x4)
Soap Opera - Up, X, Circle, X, Circle
Pole Pose - Up, X, Circle, Circle, X

Duckburg Special Moves

Soccer Shop - Right, X, X, Circle, Circle
Spicy Golf - Right, Triangle(x4)
Fab Lifting - Right, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square

Magica's Manor Special Moves

Tap Ten - Down, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square
Ballet Basket - Down, Square(x4)
Stilt Tilt - Down, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle

To pull off a special move butt stomp three consecutive enemies then immediately press R1 and enter one of the above codes within three seconds. After correctly enter a code Donald will become invincible for a few seconds.

Defeating Merlock

When one part of the floor shakes, go to the other part of the floor and dodge the fireballs. The pin-like things being shot from the front are harmless. When he splits up into four forms, hit the one whose pendant glows and repeat. Use caution because the less energy Merlock has, the more floor tiles fall into the lava.

Bonus Screen

Complete 100% of the game (all tasks completed in each level, all costumes unlocked, all special moves unlocked) to view a screen featuring the characters in the game.

Alternate Costumes

For each 10 Golden Threads collected, a new costume for Donald will be unlocked.

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