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Hard Mode

Defeat the game once to unlock Hard Mode.

Legendary Dark Night Mode

Defeat Hard Mode to unlock Legendary Dark Night Mode.

Dante Must Die Mode

Defeat Legendary Dark Night Mode to unlock Dante Must Die Mode.

Super Dante

Defeat Dante Must Die Mode to unlock Super Dante, or infinite Devil Mode.

All Star Group Photo

To unlock All Star Group Photo you must get S Rank on all missions.

Cursed puppets

When facing a ton of cursed puppets, get your guns out...ready aim...fire until they are dead, they slow down when fired at, if they get to close slash them an knock them away then continue to pump them with lead until they blow up into pieces of rag doll! Also when you get alastor you will be begging to get at them! You will run them through....jab them in thier stomachs about 3-4 times...throw them up in the air and slice them up...what more can you want in a lightning sword?

Good Combo

Press O twice then wait for 1-2 seconds then press it again. Dante should then do a combo of about 10 hits.

Demon Form

Defeat Dante Must Die Mode to unlock infinite Demon Form.

Unlimited Devil Trigger

Press R1, L2, R1, triangle, x, triangle, R2, R3, R3, R1, L1, triangle, square, square, square, R1, R2.

Open the Door

Some of the door need a devil mask to open it, you need to collect as many red mask as you can to open it. Some of them need a key.

Easier ways to kill Griffon

Before you fight griffon the second and third times you should have picked up the grenade launcher at least and maybe by the third time you will have nightmare weapon-B. Don't use nightmare weapon-b on griffon cause it only wastes your devil gauge. Instead use the grenade launcher and change to devil mode, fire as many super-grenades as you can at griffon, then run in with the sword and slash it until your gauge fills up again, then run back and devil morph, and fires your grenades again to kill it. You don't actually need air-raid, or any special airborne attacks, and jumping doesn't help to much as you can't fire grenades and jump.

How to beat Sparta

To beat Sparta you need to use the Alaster and the hand guns. When he is close to you use the sword and when he is not in the sword's range use the guns. you wwant to shoot very fast.

NOTE: Don't use Air Rade. I made that mistake, he just blocks it with his sword.
NOTE: It is OK to use devil trigger form. That makes you chop him up alot faster.

Nightmare's weakness

Nightmare is really cheap right? Well heres a few good ideas when fighting the titan of terror. In your first fight with him use Holy Waters when he lets out his core to do a lot of damage(NOTE:tjis only works the first time you fight him).The other times you fight him make sure you have air raid with alastor and just blast his core when he lets it out stopping periodicly to keep his restaints on of course.And my last word of advice it to have inferno with ifrit and hit him in his core that to cause some serious damage although meteor is good inferno is a lot better.

Orbs -R- Us

A way to get unlimited orbs is to defeat all objectives in any level, but don't finish the level. Save your game to your memory card (before finishing the level), go to the option menu and reset your game. Then load the saved game and you will start the level over with the orbs you collected. Do it as many times as you like. The only catch is it will lower your grade once you complete the level.

Get Lucia's Extra Outfits

1st Outfit - Finish the game with Lucia
2nd Outfit - Finish the game with Lucia using Hard difficulty
3rd Outfit - Finish the game with Lucia using Must Die difficulty

Get Dante's Extra Outfits

1st Outfit - Finish the game with Dante
2nd Outfit - Finish the game with Dante using Must Die difficulty.

Round Trip

This isn't really a code, but it's useful. To use Alastar's Round Trip attack, hold R1 to aim, then hold O for about three seconds. Then let fly! Remember: you have to buy the skill from the statue first. You can also find out how to use this technique by looking it up in your "Action" menu. (If you've already bought it, that is)

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