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Get the Chronicle Sword

To get the Chronicle Sword first get the chopper dagger. Then upgrade into a gold dagger. I don't know the name. Then, upgrade it into the maneater. After upgrade it again into the Atlamillia Sword. then upgrade it one more time and you'll end up with the cronicle sword. it is the second best sword in the game! This sword will take a while to get, but it's worth it.

Beat King's Curse with 1 person

First you need a lot of repair powders if ungaga is weak, but if he's ok about 5-10 will do. Stay in one spot and he'll come at you and always keep his spinning thing on and he'll kill him eventually

NOTE: Auto repairs are the best just line them up in your "active items" and if you have stamina drinks that works well.

Kill Statues Early in the Game

You must have Xaio and a repair powder. First, find a statue. Then press O to lock on. Get a reasonable distance from it. And go rapid-fire. You will need to use a repair powder. !!YOU MUST USE XAIO!! Or just use a magical item.

How to catch the Maryan Garayan and Maryan Garayan's Secret

The first thing you need is a poison apple, use that as bait and fish at the water fall in Matataki Village during the night if you r successfull then you should get the Maryan Gatyan and alot of fishing points.( you might have to wait a little while) When you catch Maryan Garayan go to a chest protected by a trap. Try to guess the trap. It will say "Maryan Garayan shows the right path." and when you choose the trap, the trap will be flashing red and have a picture of M.G. by it. Also I'm not sure about this: "He might disable the trap directly".

Get Music Box key

You will need a music box key to fight the boss in "Shipwreck." To get the music box key, you'll need to complete the Cathedral, then go to the Divining House and ask the nice lady to tell you about the queen's lost lover. Then go to the the guy you meet at first when you come to Queens (don't remember the name). He won't be in his shop but there will be a key. That key will open the music box. If you want strategy to beat the ice queen boss, find it on this page.

Get the Ultimate sword

After you beat the game the Demon Shaft opens up. The Demon Shaft is an incredible hard dugeon. It has 100 levels and they get harder the farther you go. At the end you have to fight the black night but after you wound him a light shoot from the sky and kills him. From that light the Chronicle2 sword appears.

How to beat Joe in one hit

First, you need the sun sword. Then, evolve it two stages to get Zeus's sword. Get the sword to full attack. Give yourself a stamina drink and put your sword on the highest element you have. Finally, give him a one-hit KO.

How to beat the King's Curse

First, use Ungaga's whirlwind special to blow away the black. Then, use your strongest weapon for Toan and do a special attack. Repeat the process. After you win, the temple will start collapsing and you will go through a difficult duel to get on the Moon Ship. Good Luck.

Lamb Sword's Secret Ability

First you must get the Lamb Sword (the only way to get it is to build up the Wise Owl Sword).
Next you must get your WHP low, you will know it is low enough, because it will say at the bottom right corner, "The Lamb Sword got scared so it went into Wolf Mode". When it goes into that it raises it's stats.

Note: It will go back to regular mode when you do an "Upgrade" or "Repair" it.

Hint: The Lamb Sword evolves into the Atlamillia Sword which evolves into the Chronicle Sword, the 2nd best sword in the game (The Chronicle 2 Sword which you find at the end of the Demon Shaft)

Sun Sword

To get the powerful Sun Sword, complete Toto's house, which requires Toto, Golem, totam pole, and the handle. At the event, Golem will turn himself into the Sun Sword. After a couple of Synthespheres, the Sun Sword is unstoppable!

Unlock Level Demon Shaft

Beat the game and this new world will be available on your map.

How to Beat the Dark Genie

The Dark Genie has 3 phases. For the first phase you use either Toan or Ruby with their best weapons with the highest attribute in all the elements. Eventually two handswill pop out of the ground, when this happens look at the color of the hand and match an attribute with the color. Now,for phase two you should use Ruby with a weapon that has the Holy attribute. Also watch out for his cheap shots. Just make sure your health is over 60 when he does it. For phase three you should use Toan and attack the jewel in his mouth.

All Gems Status

Garnet: AT=5 Fire=10 beast & rock=10
Sapphire: MP=10 wind=10 Flying=10
Pearl: Ed=10 Th=10 skull=10
Diamond: Plant,Beast,mimic,plant,etc.=5
Ruby: Sp=10 Fi=10 mimic=10
Emerald: Mp=10 Dino & plant=10
Aquamarine: Ice=10 Sea & Flying=10
Topaz: At=5 skull & Flying=10
Amethyst: Ice=10 Dino & Mage=10
Peridot: At=5 Ho=10 Plant & beast=10
Opal: Ed=10 Metal & Mage=10
Turquoise: Ice=10 Rock & Mimic=10

Ultimate Dagger

To get the ultimate dagger all you have to do is upgrade it to level 5. Then do status break. You'll get the synth sphere, and your dagger will still be there! Then all you have to do is put the sphere on the original dagger.

Free Big Bucks Hammer and Platinum Ring

When building Queens whatever you do DON'T build Jack's store before you finish building King's Hideout. After building King's hideout and getting Ruby then you may finish building Jack's store. Once it's done go to jack's store and an event will take place. You will then receive Big Bucks Hammer (1000 gilda) for Goro and a Platinum Ring (600 gilda) for Ruby for FREE.

7th Heaven Sword

To get the extremely powerful 7th Heaven Sword you should start with the Serpent Sword, then upgrade it to the Evilcise Sword. After that upgrade it to the Drain Seeker Sword. Upgrade that to the Dark Cloud Sword. Finally you can upgrade it to the 7th Heaven Sword. The sword has a max attack power of 240, with End and Sp of 99, amd Mp of 110. It takes alot of work to get, but it's accomplished easily by going to the back levels of the dungeons.

Defeating Dran

To defeat the first boss, Dran, run around the area and shoot him with Xiao's slingshot. As soon as you hit him, run up and attack him with your sword. Repeat this until he dies. Depending on the strength of your sword, this could take a long time.

Defeating Ice Queen Saia

Buy about fifteen Fire Gems from Joker's Store in Queens. If you need money, sell fishing bait. When the battle starts, use a Drans Feather to get very close to her while trying to avoid her shots. When you are close enough to her, get a lock and just keep tossing the gems at her. It is best if you can keep her trapped in a corner.

Defeating Masterutan

Use Goro for the entire time. Select Goro's Battle Ax, keep attacking the big ape, and trap him against the edge of the battlefield. He will eventually die.

Defeating the Sun Moon Temple Boss

First, use Ungaga to clear the dark wind around him, then switch to Toan and hit with a charge attack. Repeat for about fifteen to twenty times. This Boss is extremely easy.

Boss clues

When fighting a Boss, use Xiao with Steve. Steve will talk and give hints on how to defeat the Bosses.

Weapon Level-Up Tip

If you're into upgrading your weapons and creating Synth Spheres, here's a helpful tip that lets you quickly raise low-level weapons to Level 5 so that you can Limit Break them in a sphere. The problem is of course that fighting tougher enemies with a low-level weapon not only requires you to repair it frequently, but it also takes a long time to defeat the enemy. But why fight with the lower level weapon? Simply pick your most powerful weapon, and quickly defeat the enemy. Now, before the slain enemy vanishes, switch to the weapon you want to upgrade. Since there is a small delay before the WHP for the defeated enemy is added, you can easily build up lesser weapons that aren't suited for the enemies you're fighting -- so that you can turn them into spheres and add their powers to your favorite weapon.

Easy money

Go into the divine beast cave then get alot of prickly fishing bate and sell it for alot of money.

Use Thrust Saber

Tap the directional pad twice forward and let go when in front of enemy and attack.

Tram Oil Heaven

First of all, you must gain Ungaga as an ally. After you have him, you gotta get or build up to a Terra Sword. It seems that the Terra Sword has a bit of lucky magic in it. After that, go to the Divine Beast Cave and call forth on Ungaga while equipped with the Terra Sword on the either the first, second or third floor. Soon you'll be able to collect a lot of Tram Oils with just a few entries inside the cave. After you got all the tram oil you need, go to the back floors and keep collecting goods! ( I got seven tram oils with just two entries inside the cave! )

Tons of FREE Items

This is done in Norune village. The first thing I can tell you (and this is really important in Norune) is to NEVER set up or finish Gaffer's Buggy until you're done with Norune Village. When you put it up, the mayor stops giving you items, and you'll need his items to get this to work. As soon as you get the Hag's house finished, she will store items for you. About 60 in all, I think. The trick is to get the free items from the mayor, and then take them back to be stored. You can do this as much as you want, all the way up to 60 total items. Think about it...if you get 60 repair powders saved up, you can save a lot of money on supplies until much later in the game. This is completely worth restarting the game for, no matter where you are.

No Antidotes?

Well you may know that antidotes are hard to come by, this code is simple but valuable. If you get poisoned without a antidote drink but you do have a stamina drink, go into a nearby pool and drink the stamina drink, then wait until your stamina is gone and you're cured!

Collect the Alta Quickly

First you must unlock all of the floors, territories, etc... don't collect the alta until you have unlocked all of the floors all the way to the boss room. before you fight the boss back track to all of the floors and collect the alta.

Build the Ultimate Weapon

First you need to get a rare weapon, for example: the Sun Sword. Find out your weapons weak points, for example: Beast enemies. Then work on a sword like the dagger or a sword with a special power and give it the beast busters only. After it's on level 5: Status Break it and attach it to the Sun Sword. Then the Sun Sword would be better at Beast enemies.This cheat works on any sword.

Attachments Galore

If your low on attachments for your weapons then the best place to go is queens(after you build Ruty's store).Make sure you've mastered around the 10th layer in the Shipwreak.Then go to Ruty's store and buy a block of ice and a Flaping fish.Go to the 2nd layer(because the 1st is limited)then go to the back floor ASAP(As Soon As Posible)so you don't weaken your weapon to much,get all the treasure chest and you'll get items that cost $300-$3000.The're attachments like the Topaz with cost $3000 or 100 Fishing Points.I suggest you use this cheat when your running out of attachments.

More facts about the Maryan Garayan fish

If you look further down this page, you will see something about the Maryan Garayan fish. I found more facts to add on to that cheat.

The First Thing is:theres another way to catch one.First you need to have beaten the Sun & Moon temple.Second is that you need a potato cake.Now,go to the Oasis in Muska Racka.You should see four fish spread out.Go for the biggest one.The Maryan Garayan is about 2 inches from the fishing sign.If it's not the right size then quit fishing,goto the sign,and fish again.If you noticed the fish will be different sizes,repeat this until you get the Maryan Garayan fish.

The Second Thing is:the Maryan Garayan is a very patient fish. It won't just swim over and grab the bait,it will go over,touch it,and stare at it for awile.So since theres four fish,get four potato cakes or try avoiding the others.When the M.G. pulls the floater under water,then pull it up and congratulations you just made over 500 Fishing Points.

How To Get Rare Weapons

When you beat The Moon Sea and go to Dark Heaven Castle, go to the first floor (5 years ago) and find a big chest. If it's not the clown, then it's usually a rare weapon like the Lamb Sword.

Another way to defeat dran

Run around until Dran stays in the middle, (you need alot of domb ect.) Throw bombs at him when he sits down attack him with a powerful sord and keep on doing so.

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