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Avoid loss of perfect record

When trying to achieve all gold medals in championship mode, if you fail to win one of the races, reset the PlayStation2 before it auto-saves. You can then choose to continue the championship and restart at the race you failed to win, without having to replay (and win) all the previous races.

Easy boost

You can get a boost easier by doing drifts. However press Square, drift, then keep tapping Square for a better chance of not crashing.

Powerful boosts in crash zones

This trick works in one player and two player modes. When you are doing the crash zones, at the start immediately hold R1 for a boost. After a few seconds, press it again. This should give you more boost, which results in a faster speed and better crashes. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Quick start

At the countdown, when the view is at the back of your car, hold X. Then, tap Square while holding X and smoke should start coming out of your tires. Keep holding X. A split second before "GO!" appears, release X and immediately press it again. This should give you a boost.

Two player pursuit mode

Successfully complete Pursuit 3.

Police car

Win Pursuit 1 by destroying the criminal's car before it gets away. The police car has maximum top speed, average control, and good acceleration.

Oval Racer

Race Face-Off 2 against the Oval Racer. The race is five laps around Airport Terminal 3 (one of the first races). If you manage to defeat it, you will unlock it. This car has great acceleration, maximum control, and maximum top speed.

Drivers Ed car

Complete Driving 101 with all gold medals.

Classic 1970 car

Win Pursuit 2 by destroying the classic 1970 car with the police car. This car has average to bad stats, but it can get past a police car very quickly in Pursuit mode and in races.

1997 Eclipse and 2001 Focus SVT

Complete the Custom championship two times and get best score possible in the races.

Custom Championship

Get all gold medals in every race and win everything in the first championship to unlock the Custom Championship. There will be about six more cars that you can unlock.

Face Off

Win all the face offs in the first championship.


Complete Crash mode with all gold medals on all fifteen tracks to unlock the "Runaway" option at the "Cheat Mode" menu. This is a free-play type Crash mode with no goals or brakes. Note: Hold R1 to boost at the start.


Complete all Grand Prix Championships with gold medals to unlock the "Invulnerability" option at the "Cheat Mode" menu.

Cheat mode

Unlock any cheat and the "Cheat Mode" selection will appear at the options screen. Note: Races will not be counted as wins with any cheat activated.

Free Run Mode

Complete the custom championship with all gold medals it will appear in the cheat menu in options.

Tornado car

This works for only in crash mode (able to be done even there is 4 players) when the starting of the race, hold R1 then when it says go keep pressing R1 then you reach the crashing point crash at the side of a car then if you do it correctly your car will be able to do fast turning tornado.

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