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Production Press Release Meeting
Obtain 5 Tai Chi Symbols.

Gackt Interview

Obtain 10 Tai Chi Symbols.

Gackt's Voice + Motion Capture

Obtain 15 Tai Chi Symbols.

Image - Lau

Obtain 20 Tai Chi Symbols.

Image - Lau (In Gackt Outfit)

Obtain 30 Tai Chi Symbols.

Setup For Lau's Outfit (Gackt Outfit)

Obtain 25 Tai Chi Symbols.

Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game to unlock the credits, all FMV sequences, hard difficulty setting, high score screen, opening demo, and stage selection options. Note: Additionally, you can select the saved game file used to complete the game to play again with all previously collected Tai Chi symbols, upgrades, orbs, magic, and other bonuses.

Super difficulty setting

Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting.

Alternate title screen

Successfully complete the game under the normal or hard difficulty settings to unlock two different title screens.

Unlockable List

Beat the game to unlock the following items:
Hard Mode
High Scores Display
All movies and credits
Demo Game
Stage Select
Super Mode (beat on hard)

Unlockable List 2

Unlock these features by collecting Coins:
5 Coins: Press Release Video
10 Coins: Gackt Interview
15 Coins: Gackt's Design:
20 Coins: Picture of Lau
25 Coins: Gackt?s Outfit
30 Coins: Lau Image
40 Coins: Hirokazu Yamadera Interview
50 Coins: Ou Tian Zai's design
60 Coins: Sakamoto Maaya Interview
70 Coins: Oni 2 Image
80 Coins: Norio Wakamoto Interview
90 Coins: Oni 3 Image
100 Coins: Oni 4 Image
110 Coins: Ou Tian Zai and Lei Zhen Long Image
120 Coins: Demo and Tokyo Game Show Video

Extended Glide

On Hard and Extreme, Lau Wong will need to cross very large gaps in some stages without benefit of an Iron Soul Mirror (which you can usually air-combo to get across). After gliding, press TRIANGLE to do the spin slash, then press X to glide a subsequent time. You can repeat this over and over to cross large gaps, but you lose altitude each time you press TRIANGLE.

Defeating Overlords

On Hard and Extreme (and even later stages in Normal), Lau Wong will need to defeat Overlords quickly instead of spending time clashing. The most damaging combo is the SQUARE, SQUARE ... TRIANGLE, X combo which racks upwards of 40+ hits. If you press SELECT to change your spell to Tekkuken (the attack up spell) as you begin the combo on an Overlord, you can probably kill it in one combo (or at least rip off half its life). Similarly, you can use this technique on bosses as well. Select the defense up spell when you are clashing (or as you are being hit) to prolong your effectiveness against harder bosses.

Prolong Combo Timer

The combo hits can be made to linger on screen if you have Lau strike an object like a jar or sign. Although the hit does not count as a combo hit, it will prevent the combo chain from breaking so you have a short time to find another enemy to continue adding hits.

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