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Takua Nuva

Finish the game succesfully using all six Toa.

More Bonus

Finish a level with all Lightstones collected as each Toa.

Destroying Dark Cages

Use Nuva Blasts to destroy dark cages. Charge your elemental energy, then immediately press Triangle.

Defeating Makuta

When you are at the end of the game and are battling Makuta. press X(2), Triangle. You should be gliding and dodging all attacks except for the flying bees.

Dodging Attacks And Refilling Your Mana

When getting attacked (this works well when facing more than one opponent), jump and use your shield rapidly. The attack will completely miss and you will refill your Mana. Do not do this with dragonflies and other flying enemies. It may work, but there is less chance of it working. For extra effect, while in the air press Attack. Since enemies are vulnerable when they attack you, they will get serious damage.

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