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Tamiya Racing Track

Complete all seven levels of this racing mode. All chosen vehicles will become a Tamiya RCC.

Auto Modellista Shop

Once you acquire a winning percentage of more than 95-per-cent, you will unlock the shop and the final car. A secret option allows you to install any engine (from the same manufacturer) into your vehicle.

Higher Speed

After unlocking "Auto Modellista" you get to change certain car's engines. Since when you change an engine your not allowed to tune your car here is a tip to get maximum speed. As an example i took the Toyota Sports 800 and put in a 2JZGTTE. With just that alone the car tops out at 165 mph. Go to tune and then pick "easy tune" do maximum speed ++. this adds all performance parts to the car. After doing this i took the Sports 800 onto Osaka Highway and got it up to 210mph and it was still going!

Sharp Turns

To escape from a sharp turn, just ram your car into the wall of the turn and escape, this won't do any damage to your car, but sometimes your car may spin out of control. This technique works best for people who have no skills.

Choosing The Best Car

If you are a beginner and do not know which car will handle easily, try the Subarus. The Daihetisu company is also good. The Cappuccino is recommended for beginners. It handles like a beauty, and while you win races you can unlock engines, turbines, and other items to make it go faster.

Car Information

When you are choosing a car, pick any company. When the picture of a car appears, look at the triangle-like object. The triangle determines the amount of acceleration, maximum speed, and handling. If one of the points on the triangle stretch long towards turning, it indicates that the car turns well. If that point is fat, it indicates that the car turns very easily and pretty well. If both, then that car is very easy to turn. The same thing is indicated the others (maximum speed and acceleration). If the triangle does not go beyond the circle that you see, then that car is not as useful or good. The Subaru Impreza is recommended.


To do donuts, simply accelerate and then hold Circle while you holding X.

Remix Mode: Easy Switch

When you are making remixes in normal mode, to switch the camera modes and the sources easily simply press L3 and R3. The L3 will switch the camera, and the R3 the sources.

Turbo Muffler Explosion

Go on any course with a car you can put a turbo in (best with an Evo). Get up to top speed or just drive very fast. Suddenly release the gas or hit the brakes. You will hear the turbo letting air out. Then, an explosion will come out of the muffler. This is a nice effect for editing replays.

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