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Advanced AI

To make the game's AI more advanced, you must start a Pro Career and input your name as ALLOUTAI. Make sure to use NO spaces. Once entered, you will be asked to make a different name. This name can be whatever you like.

Ravage 1000cc ATV

To unlock the Ravage 1000cc ATV, you must complete the Pro Career mode.

Yamaha Raptor Revealed

To get the Yamaha Raptor you must beat the Pro-Career and get the Ravage1000. Next you have to beat the Pro-Career with the Ravage1000. Then beat the Pro-Career with the same ATV two times.


To preload, press Down at bottom of a jump then press Up and to fly like a jet.


To do tricks, hold Triangle or Circle and move the Left Analog Stick or D-pad in any direction.

Quick resume

Press L1 + R1 if you go off-track or crash to quickly resume the race.

Worst four wheeler

The worst four wheeler is the Lime Green Kawasaki.

Best four wheeler

The best four wheeler, besides the bonus vehicle, is the Polaris 500.

Unlock All Tracks

To unlock all of the tracks in the game, enter the name "WHATEXIT" after selecting Pro-Career mode. The game will take you back to the main menu if you did this correctly and you can enter your real name.

Unlock Two Honda Quads

To unlock two Honda quads you must beat the game five times with the Ravage 1000 after unlocking it.

Unlock All ATV's

Go to pro-carrer mode, enter name as CHACHING, once you've done that it should take you back to the Main Menu. Check your ATV's you should have all of them.


During gameplay it is faster to land on all four wheels on the landing ramps to gain more speed for the next. Threw the bumps section try to land on the landing sides as it will be easier to over take other riders.

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